The Music Architect: Blueprints for Engaging Worshipers in Song

by Constance M. Cherry

Coming in July 2016, The Music Architect will be the third book in the worship architect series, completing a trilogy of thought related to worship leadership in the church. Forthcoming by Baker Academic, this book offers solid theological underpinnings and practical advice for all leaders who have any responsibility for any aspect of music in worship including pastors, musicians, techies, other artists, etc.

The Music Architect

Chapters include:

  • Becoming a Pastoral Musician
  • God-Focused Song
  • Music’s Role in Worship
  • Selecting Songs for the Movements of Worship
  • Evaluating Worship Music
  • Maximizing Shorter Song Forms
  • Maximizing Longer Song Forms
  • Discovering the Congregation’s Worship Voice
  • Leading Congregational Song
  • Helping Worshipers to Engage through Singing
  • Forming Disciples through Song
  • Pursuing Spiritual Leadership through Excellence


The Special Service Worship Architect: Blueprints for Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Holy Communion, and Other Occasions – Available in Korean soon!

by Constance M. Cherry

A sequel to The Worship Architect (Baker Academic, 2010), The Special Service Worship Architect applies the foundational worship principles found in the first book to the special occasions for worship common among many Protestant worshipers.

The Special Service Worship Architect

The Special Service Worship Architect

The book begins with an introduction to the concepts and terminology of church rituals in general as practiced for centuries. Then a chapter is dedicated to each of these occasions, emphasizing that each one is a type of corporate worship experience:

  • The Christian wedding
  • The funeral service
  • Holy Baptism (both believer’s and infant)
  • Holy Communion
  • The foot washing service and love feast
  • The healing service
  • The child dedication service (and three alternative rites)

The book concludes with a chapter that guides the reader in creating services related to any other special occasion appropriate for a service of worship.

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The Worship Architect: A Blueprint for Designing Culturally Relevant and Biblically Faithful Services

by Constance M. Cherry

Now into its 5th printing and available on Kindle

Used as a required text by 100+institutions of higher learning (graduate and undergraduate) representing more than 30 denominations.

Available in Korean now!

Forthcoming in Chinese and Spanish soon!

The Worship Architect

There are many books available on the topic of worship today, but few provide a comprehensive, practical method for worship design. In The Worship Architect, worship professor and practitioner Constance Cherry offers current and prospective worship leaders a blueprint for designing worship services that foster meaningful conversation with God and the gathered community.

Professors and students in worship courses will appreciate the book’s thorough and systematic approach, while pastors, church leaders, and worship planning teams will value its practical guidance on structuring a worship service.

“Cherry shows us that pastoral theology and the practice of theology is never an ‘either-or’ but always a ‘both-and.’ Let’s follow her lead and rediscover the unity that exists between the two.”–Robert E. Webber, author of Ancient-Future Worship

“Many books about corporate worship focus on style and technique, neglecting theological substance. Others are substantive but neglect the vital role that stylistic choices and approaches to planning have in the week-in, week-out life of congregations. Cherry approaches her task by inviting us all to make regular border crossings between theory and practice. The result is a book well suited to promote the lifelong learning needed for any effective ministry leader.”–John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary

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Selecting Worship Songs: A Guide for Leaders

by Constance M. Cherry, Mary M. Brown, and Christopher T. Bounds

Selecting Worship Songs

Triangle Publishing, (a division of Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana), 2010

Selecting songs for worship is one of the most important things that worship leaders do, because we are formed by the songs we sing. Today, more than ever, worship leaders have a wide range of choices. On what basis will we make our selections? The popularity of the song? The worship leader’s favorite? The request of a parishioner? The hottest worship band on tour?

Selecting Worship Songs: A Guide for Leaders was co-authored by three Indiana Wesleyan University professors: a theologian, a poet, and a musician. It provides clergy and musicians with an objective method to use for determining the quality of any song while considering three aspects: theology, lyrics, and music. A rubric is presented, along with detailed explanation, which provides criteria for judging the viability of any worship song for one’s context. Numerical values are given for various categories within each of the three areas of consideration. It’s a great way to establish a conversation among leaders, helping them to arrive at consensus for good choices.

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Worship Architect, The: A Blueprint for Designing Culturally Relevant and Biblically Faithful Services